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Hook Line Sinker: A Seafood Cookbook

Hook Line Sinker: A Seafood Cookbook

Hook Line Sinker is a seafood cookbook from Michelin-starred chef Galton Blackiston featuring recipes created through his lifelong love affair with fish and shellfish.Galton's seafood dishes have always turned heads. He has a knack of taking simple ingredients and pairing them with techniques and flavours that allow the flavours to remain pure whilst bringing a sense of fun to the occasion. Cooking seafood is an art and in this book, Galton shows you how to master it.The book features over 90 recipes divided into five chapters - Quick and Easy, Small Plates, Stress-Free, Spicy Seafood and Main Courses.Hook Line Sinker isn't a huge how-to reference guide, or a seafood bible to teach you everything about each fish in the sea. It's a very personal book featuring Galton's all-time favourite recipes, all of which have featured on his menu in some form over the years, but more importantly, are great to cook at home.With a foreword by Michel Roux OBE, and photography by John Scott Blackwell.

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