Paella And Tapas Cooking Class 29/07/18

Hands on cooking class for small groups. With a professional English Speaking chef you will learn how to prepare 3 different varieties of paella.

What kind of rice do we use? Which is the perfect stock we have to add? Do we have to stir or not?

Paella de mariscos (sea fish paella)

Paella Tradicional Valenciana ( Valencian Paella)


we will prepare 2 more typical Spanish tapas

All classes are taught in English and offer up an ideal opportunity to learn hands-on, under the guidance of local chefs—the art of Spanish cuisine

A wine pairing will be offered during the activity



  • 60,00 € IVA incl.
  • Hora: 11:00
  • Fecha: 29/07/18

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