Market tour with paella and tapas cooking class 17/03/18 - A Punto

Market Tour With Paella And Tapas Cooking Class 17/03/18

Join our chef with a market tour ( San Antón Market) where we will learn how to distinguish fish, vegetables and meat, we will taste cheeses and fruit, discover traditional products of Spain and will come to A Punto for a cooking class where we will prepare a menú of


We will learn which is the right kind of rice we have to use, how to prepare a perfect stock and the difference between a "seco" and "meloso" rice plate.

-Two tradicional dishes, 2 tapas prepared with products we found at the market

- Pairing with 2 spanish wines and a glass of Sangría.


Here you can see a video of our class

An unique experience in the centre of Madrid, just 5 minutes walking form Gran Via.



  • 65,00 € IVA incl.
  • Hora: 10:00
  • Fecha: 17/03/18

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