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Seasonal Spanish Food

Seasonal spanish food

Pizarro's infectious enthusiasm for Spanish cooking permeates every page. His message couldn't be simpler - use fresh, good-quality, seasonal ingredients and they will speak for themselves. Season by season, he explores his favourite ingredients from different Spanish regions (illustrated with beautiful location photography), the culture and history behind them and how best to use them with his exceptional recipes. With anecdotes about typical Spanish pastimes and stories from his youth growing up on a farm in Extremadura, this is a truly Spanish approach to the cuisine, which has integrity and charm. Try a Pea Soup with Serrano Ham to welcome spring, add extra virgin olive oil, lime juice and black pepper to the most ripe of summer fruits to bring out their flavour and create some authentic Spanish meatballs to warm you in winter - these are recipes that you will turn to again and again for any occasion.

  • Pizarro, José
  • 21,50 € IVA incl.
  • ISBN 9780857830845

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