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The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

Sous vide ('in a vacuum') cooking is the latest trend in home kitchens. Because of their cost and size, sous vide cooking devices were once found only in professional kitchens, but that all changed when affordable models hit the retail market. Home cooks are now embracing sous vide in record numbers. In sous vide cooking, food is sealed in plastic bags and submerged in hot (but not boiling) water for long and slow cooking. The end result is food which is juicy and tender. Cooking sous vide also means that temperatures can be maintained within tenths of a degree, which is essential for certain cuts of meat. The hot water also intensifies flavours and the resulting texture of the food is perfect. Chris McDonald is a brilliant chef who has long used sous vide to create sublime dishes and he now brings this expertise to the home cook. His recipes are spectacularly delicious yet easy to execute. Eight pages of step-by-step photos provide all the necessary information to start sous vide cooking.

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